About the Open at Scale – Business OER Project

Open at Scale is a targeted, discipline specific approach to open educational resource (OER) development. The Open at Scale approach originated in Ontario through conversations with passionate practitioners and leaders that saw an opportunity to pursue open education at a systemic level.

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The Open at Scale – Business OER Project focuses on savings for Ontario Business students and high impact, flexible learning resources for faculty.

The following elements were identified as critical to success:

  • Modular development to support maximum flexibility and reuse across institutions
  • Integration of leading technology to support learning
  • Development of additional resources to support teaching

Get Involved

As a part of the Open at Scale – Business OER project, we are looking for faculty interested in adopting the following Open Educational Resources into their courses for the Fall 2019 semester:

Success Stories

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Find out how Business schools across Ontario are using open educational resources in their programs.

Project Updates

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The Open at Scale project team takes an agile approach. Stay up to date on all the latest iterations.